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Advanced Development

Modern Advanced Development

Many Humanists and Scientists argue which our technology and civilization is outpacing evolution by way of a huge margin. They point to our tribalistic, band and small group human history that we survived with for thousands of years is no longer anything just like our modern societies. Indeed to argue from this fact would be futile as it is indeed. However, we seem to for the most part done well as our human population’s swells around the earth.

Humanists will ask and one recently would; “Doesn’t it make more sense to be who we have been and develop our true, and in my own view powerful abilities (I. e. to communicate together through the energy fields that connect us all without technology, to create with our minds possible that is truly self-sustaining, to connect together and rid the entire human species with the negative beliefs that are undermining us almost all etc…)#)? “Well, indeed he sure has had up a huge question worthy of debate.

However, let me take a crack as of this question as I answer in the unfavorable to his assumptions; “NO. Because why if you choose one or the other, why not equally. Have the capability and develop lost expertise, while simultaneously using our brains to invent better technologies to boost the human design.…